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Working at Homewood Health

Our vision is improving life as the Canadian leader in mental health and addiction services. We blend 140 years’ experience as leaders in mental healthcare with market leading technology, creative and intelligent minds, a stubborn quest to find solutions, and most importantly, our diverse experiences and skills. The end result is a workplace like no other.

Through best practices, research and collaborations that lead to new, evidence-based programs, we push the limits of what we know about mental health and addiction.

Our five values (Service Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Collaboration and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) guide our actions and we look for them in our recruitment process, assess them through performance reviews, and recognize them through recognition programs.

Working with us comes with hints of fun, recognition for your hard work, and a deep sense of connection and care for your colleagues.

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Here’s more on what you’ll experience along the way:

Service Excellence

As one of our core values, we weave Service Excellence into everything we do at Homewood. We put people first with compassion and life-changing solutions and we are creative problem-solvers with a passion for our work. We deeply care.

  • Quality assurance – We are trailblazers in mental and addiction healthcare. Our robust quality and risk management system ensures that we meet high standards for service and clinical excellence.

Career development

You can take your career to the next level at Homewood. Here’s what you can take advantage of when you’re on our team:

  • Learning & Organizational Development programs – offered several times a month on a wide range of topics related to your development including leadership training, psychological wellness initiatives and diversity, equity and inclusion, to name a few.
  • Clinical Education – our internal Clinical Education team brings relevant training to our clinical staff from both internal and external experts.
  • Career funding and development program – while there are many learning opportunities internally at Homewood, we offer a career investment program to help support your external learning and development, too.
  • New career paths – we understand that career goals and personal circumstances change over time, and we offer new opportunities to help you reinvent yourself.
  • Mentoring – mentoring is available for our employees, particularly for our clinical staff who can tap into our wide network of seasoned experts.
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Flexibility is highly sought after in the world today.

  • Flexible work schedule – We work with you to adapt hours/schedule as much as we can based on your role and our operations.
  • Remote work – At Homewood, we have adapted our operations and many of our non-clinical areas of business to operate remotely across Canada. 


At Homewood, healthcare meets technology. We ensure that our staff, clients and patients benefit from modern technologies so that we can stay connected, engaged and aligned in our work.

Some of our latest innovations that benefit our employees include:

  • The HUB – we have invested in a comprehensive employee data platform that makes managing your schedule, pay and learning simple and straightforward.
  • Homewood Pathfinder™ – a digital Employee and Family Assistance (EFAP) platform that connects you to the right mental health support when you need it.
  • Sentio by Homewood Health – Homewood’s first online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy platform accessible to you when you need it.
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We recognize that work-life balance and mental health support is important to you and here’s how we support your wellness:

  • Supportive culture – Our leaders and employees are supportive and we strive for a culture of kindness at Homewood.
  • Counselling support – Our robust Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) includes counselling sessions for all our employees and their immediate family from day one of employment whether the sessions are over-the-phone, virtual or in-person.
  • Psychological safety – Homewood actively promotes and enables a psychologically safe workplace for our employees.


Our Workplace Experience Survey results regularly tell us that our people love their teams. Your leaders and peers will step up to support you and collaborate to help you accomplish your goals. We encourage questions, cooperation, and open and honest discussions to support a culture of inclusivity and kindness.

The lighter side – exploring fun at Homewood Health

We spend so much of our time at work, it’s important to enjoy ourselves while we contribute to our teams’ successes!

For both our in-person and remote employees, Homewood fun includes many friendly contests through our intranet, an annual peer recognition program with significant prizes, and regular employee celebrations at our inpatient facilities.